Perfectly Polished Tips 70 - My Favorite Reds

I was swatching the Zoya Vibe collection today and it made me fall in love with red all over again. My holy grail red is OPI's Got the Blues for Red, which I recently found out is being discontinued. Fortunately enough there is a red in the Vibe collection that looks to be very similar. I need to swatch them side by side first though. If not I need to get a Got the Blues back up STAT! Here are two of my favorite reds, a shimmer and a creme.

OPI You Make Me Vroom is from OPI's Mustang collection. It is a cool red creme. It's not too pink which I seem to always have a problem with. I love this color as a pedicure, I don't wear red on my tips too often.

La Boheme is a classic. This polish is loved by almost everyone who lays eyes on it. It has an amazing green/amber/bronze flash to it in the right light. I couldn't capture the flash but in this picture you can see the amazing red shimmer in it. This polish is relatively hard to find so I only use it every now and then. I wanted to cry swatching it but I didn't have any pictures of me wearing it.

Before I expanded my polish collection I owned one bottle of polish (yes one). It was Brucci Jelly Apple and I still have it. I never used to polish my finger nails, I usually sported the french tip arcrylics. My toes were always red though. I'm glad I've branched out. Red cremes are still my favorite for pedicures though.

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