Perfectly Polished Tips 65 - ManGlaze Swatches

ManGlaze is matte nail polish. It is for women and men who do not want glossy looking nails. I was a bit skeptical when I saw this polish, because one, I love glossy wet looking nails and two it's called ManGlaze. The company currently has two colors, a matte black and a matte grey. Apparently the polishes are made to last long. I have only swatched them so I do not know about wear time, I do plan on using one soon so I will report back. Both polishes applied very smoothly and the drying time was amazing. The company asks that you not put a top coat over them so I didn't and with in 10 minutes I was good to go. I was worried about the drying time because it's rare that I go with out using a quick dry top coat. The bottle design on these is amazing. I love the cartoon and punk look that they have going on.

Fuggen Ugly is a matte steel grey, it really is a gorgeous color. It has shimmer but nothing over the top or overly girly. This picture is two coats with out a camera flash.

This is Fuggen Ugly with flash. I really love this polish, the matte finish doesn't even take away from the awesome shimmer which I love.

The Death Tar is a matte black. This polish has great shimmer as well. This polish could be a one coater if you really wanted. I did two just because that is what I do.

I compared The Death Tar to some other black and charcoal polishes that I own. Besides being matte it is pretty unique to my collection. Essie Over the Top and Lippmann Hit Me With Your Best Shot seem to be identical. The Death Tar has much more shimmer than those two and is a hair darker. The last polish which is L'Oreal Patent Black Silver is more of a true black rather than a charcoal like The Death Tar.

Surprisingly enough I didn't have anything that was at all similar to Fuggen Ugly. I don't usually wear grey so I'm glad that I finally have one that I like. ManGlaze can be found at ManGlaze.com and they retail for $6.66.

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