Perfectly Polished Tips 64 - Preview of Zoya Flourish for Winter 2008

For this winter Zoya has put together a rich color palette filled with six metallic finished polishes.

(left going clockwise) Zara which looks like it may be a dupe to the once elusive Sally Hansen Arabian Night, Richelle looks like brozen molten metal..I might even be able to love this one, Shivon is a golden rose shade, Cyma (which is shown on the model) is Zoya's typical berry shade, Kalista is a deep almost plummy brown (I am dying to see this one in real life actually. I don't usually wear shades like this but I'm drawn to it), and Mieko looks a little on the coral side from pictures, but I'm wondering if it's a reddish orange a la last year's Kamilia

Please excuse the grey blob on the first photo, my photo editing skills are not up to par. There are no blues or teals this year, but I'm looking forward to this collection. I've been all about the purples lately, and I even want to wear a metallic. I'm not sure when this collection is going to be released, I think last year's winter collection was released at the begining of November but I'm not 100% sure on that.

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