Perfectly Polished Tips 62 - Lemming Fulfileld

When I first joined the Make Up Alley Nail Board I had no idea what I was getting myself into. My wist list grew from 0 to 100+ with in an hour. This polish was one of those polishes that I never thought I would see in real life. CM (or Color Midmic) Midnight Imposter. It's a navy blue with sparkles. The sparkles are the stringy kind but mini. I thought my need for this would have been satisfied when I received Essie Starry Starry Night but it wasn't. I was so excited to put this polish on that I put on right over top of my China Glaze Bermuda Breakaway manicure. It applied very well and is highly pigmented. It wasn't sunny here again, I took about 100 pictures with and with out flash. These three are the ones that made the cut. The glitter applies a little strangely, packed together in some spots and sparse in others. I don't know if two coats would fix this because I didn't want to wait forever for it to dry. It dried kinda matte which surprised me, after 1 coat of INM Out the Door it's still a little bumpy, that doesn't bother me though.

I'm not really sure where you can find the CM brand, the bottle doesn't have a website or phone number either. I think most come from random beauty supplies, ebay is another option as well. I had another CM and again it applied well and wore well.

So tell me what are your biggest lemmings? Which ones have been fulfilled?


Anonymous said...

Well, I guess my biggest lemming right now is OPI La Boheme. I've been debating whether or not I should succomb to the exhorbitant ebay price. BUT, I do have OPI Vampire State Building, NYPD Beet, and My Throne for a Cranberry Scone.


Dami said...

La Boheme is a must have - usually it's on ebay for around retail. I just passed my NYPD Beet along, i just couldn't find love for it.

Anonymous said...

Really?! The cheapest one I could find was $15! I'll have to look again. Is it as pretty in real life?

Dami said...

It is..i have one picture but it doesn't do it justice. the blog Misa Polish has wonderful pictures - http://misamasa.blogspot.com/2008/09/two-birds-with-one-stone-opi-classic-la.html

I hope you can find it!