Perfectly Polished Tips 61 - Some More Zoyas

I would like to eventually swatch my whole collection. I've been trying to do the new ones that come in as I get them, but what about all the older ones? So I decided maybe if I did it by brand that it wouldn't be as intimidating. I started with Zoya. I touched upon my thoughts of Zoya in yesterday's entry. Overall it is a good brand. I love Qtica prouducts too - their body scrub is amazing.

Kotori is a foily metallic blue and is basically the same as Rea just a different color. This one is very sheer though (Rea is not) this swatch is two coats, 3 would probably make it more opaque and even.

Tama is a hot pink with pink/purple shimmer.

Hope has some amazing pink shimmer that I just couldn't capture well. It is there though.

Casey is for all the creme and vampy lovers. It's more purple in person and might even be twinny to Lippmann Collection Dark Side of the Mood. I need to swatch them side by side to see.

I'm hoping to get my light box built with in the next couple of weekends. It's raining today and I can only image how dark and gloomy the fall/winter are going to be up here!

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