Perfectly Polished Tips 60 - China Glaze Bahama Blues

Here are the blues minus Blue Island Iced Tea. It was cloudy here today so the pictures aren't 100% but Blue Island just wouldn't photograph. As soon as I have a sunny day I will get a picture of it. These all applied fairly well. My Bermuda Breakaway was a little thick but nothing to horrible. I wish the names were a little more creative but in all honestly I'm just happy to have a whole entire collection of blues. None of these are similar to any of the other blues I own so that is always a good thing. Anyways on to the pictures.

Bermuda Breakaway is my favorite from the collection. I've been asking about a blurple creme for awhile now. I'm glad someone finally made one!

Calypso Blue is my second favorite but only because I love cremes. This is a true navy polish, it doesn't look black under any lighting. This makes me happy because all the navy cremes I currently own look black.

Bahamian Escape is a light sky blue creme. It's a smidge darker than Color Club's Blue Light but lighter than OPI's Just Groovy.

Blue Paradise is a lovely medium satin blue. I had a slight problem with the brush strokes since it does have a metallic finish, but it's such a nice color that I don't mind.

Carribean Blue has that amazing glass flecked glitter in it. This is probably my favorite out of the lighter colors of the collection. I'm a sucker for the glitter and the color's not so bad either.

China Glaze has done it again. I really cannot wait to see what next year's collections look like. Seriously this, Rodeo Diva, and Ink? All amazing. Way to go China Glaze.

These can be found on the etailers, I've included a link to them on my side bar. *I'm not affiliated, just a happy customer.*


Anonymous said...

Ooh, I love the calypso blue!

Angel said...

I just got calypso blue yesterday (still haven't tried it though). It looks beautiful on you! After seeing your swatches I now need Bermuda Breakaway!

Dami said...

sarah - yes it is a beautiful color. i'm beyond happy with this collection.

angel - thank you! i do love my blues. I have Bermuda Breakaway on now and it's so pretty and just a happy color.