Perfectly Polished Tips 59 - My Favorite Zoyas

I was introduced to Zoya nail polish last year. They have some unique colors but I'm not so sure about the wear. I think you have to use their base coat and top coat to get a satisfactory manicure. I usually just use whatever I love at the moment but it usually leads to chips and bubbles. One day I'll get the Zoya Color Lock system and fully enjoy my polishes. Anyways, with the Zoya promo going on I figured that I would share my top three Zoya polishes.

Rea is a foily purple that really stands out. It is very blingy, I'm thinking it would make a good pedicure color. I might try that today. I've only used it on my tips. It was love at first sight though.

Indigo started (and almost ended) my blue love affair. It has these gorgeous rainbow sparkles through out the polish, but they are so sparse and not very noticble. I got this polish for the sparkle and the couple of times I've worn it I was disapointed. However today when I swatched it in full sun light I fell in love all over. It truly is an amazing color.

Yasmeen is my number one Zoya and purple. This color just glows, you can even see it in the picture. It has amazing shimmer and is just an all around beautiful color. Yasmeen seems to be a universal color, I don't think there is anyone who can't wear this color.

Zoya can be found at Zoya.com.

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