Perfectly Polished Tips 58 - China Glaze Rodeo Diva

China Glaze has put out some truly amazing collections this year. Every collection that comes out is better than the last. Their first collection for fall was Rodeo Diva. This collection is filled with highly pigmented, rich, deep, and shimmering colors. I only got five from this collection (and I have one on the way) because I wasn't feeling like fall at the time. I may have to go back and get AOTRodeo Divas. The applied nice and smooth, I didn't have any issues with the formula either. The wear is up to par as well.

Cow Girl Up is a magenta color with tons of shimmer. It has some gorgeous blue shimmer that my camera just didn't pick up. I think this is going to make a good pedicure color. I'm just not feeling the pink on my hands lately. I blame all the beautiful blues and purples.

Lasso My Heart is a pinky boarding purple color with gold shimmer. I would say it's almost metallic like as well. I'm not sure how I feel about this color, it's the only one that went on and was taken off immediately after I was finished polishing.

Midnight Ride is my favorite from the collection. It's a blackened shimmery purple. In the sun this color is to die for. I wish it was a little less black so that it looked like I was wearing purple instead of black, but other than that I love it.

Rodeo Fanatic is my second favorite out of these five. In the bottle it has some amazing purple/blue shimmer but it didn't transfer to the nail well. I've heard that this is a dupe to MAC Whirlwind which was an LE color last fall. So if you missed out on Whirlwind here's your chance to have something similar. Some people have been complaining about the shimmer settling to the bottom of the bottle, I haven't had this problem but apparently you just need to shake it well.

Side Saddle surprised me. In the bottle it looks very plummy on the nail though it goes brown. I had two other colors similar to this (Zoya Anastasia & NYC Cognac Sparkle) and i passed them on because they were too brown. I fell right in love with Side Saddle though. It has the most amazing gold shimmer I have ever seen. Usually brown and gold doesn't look good on me since I'm so cool, but Side Saddle has just enough purple in it to make it okay.

China Glaze can be purchased at Sally Beauty, and the etailers.

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