Perfectly Polished Tips 57 - A Winner & Navy Oh Baby!

First off, I want to congratulate Christen - she is the lucky winner of my Lippmann polish give away. I really enjoyed doing that contest, I hope to do another soon!

Second, navy polish. I am a big blue wearer as most of you know. I love all shades of blue. My most recent quest was Sally Hansen Salon Navy Baby. It's a beautiful, shimmery navy but it is not blackened. Meaning you can tell that it is blue. I will admit that I am not big on drugstore nail polish. It costs more than buying the good stuff off line. Sallly Hansen's salon line might just be the exception. They apply wonderfully and have a nice brush. I'm not sure about wear time because I change polish so often. After I applied Navy Baby I felt like it needed something more. I pulled out Pure Ice Oh Baby, which is a purpley blue glitter top coat. Together they are amazing. I'm wondering what it would be like to franken them together. I would have to get another bottle of Navy Baby though because it's hot on it's own. So anyways here is the out come-

Alright, it looks much better in person, but you get the idea. I'm starting to branch out and actually enjoy layering and glitter. It gives me a whole new way to use my stash.

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