Perfectly Polished Tips 34 - Franken Polish

It's alive! A franken polish is a personalized mixture. You can mix up anything you'd like. It's helpful for recreating long gone hard to find polishes, country specific releases that you can't get your hands on, and those over the top pricey ones. If you are like me and cannot justify spending $$ on Rescue Beauty Lounge's new color Teal you can make your own.

To make this polish pictured here I used a mixture of half China Glaze Shower Together and half Color Club Naughtycal Navy. I also added a few drops of Revlon Color Stay top coat to give it a jelly look. If you don't have those colors exactly any other creme teal & navy should work.

To make a franken polish: Make sure you cover your work surface and that you aren't wearing a new mani. It will get ruined.

1. Start with a clean, dry nail polish bottle. If you need to clean one out, dump the old polish into a paper towel in a plastic cup or an empty soda can. I usually fill the bottle with remover and shake for a few minutes. Adding a bit of salt and warm water to the bottle will help loosen any extra bits of polish. Make sure the bottle is completely dry before starting or you will ruin the polish! Or you can start with a bottle of polish as well, just make sure there is enough room in the bottle to add new polish.

2. I like to mix drops of the color on paper to figure out my ratio and see how it's going to look before I commit.

3. When you have your recipe begin pouring. Go slowly, stop and shake every now and then to check the color. **I have never had this happen but remember you are mixing chemicals and they might not always mix smoothly! I've never had one explode but you never know!**

4. Add colors/sparkles/glitter until you have your desired shade of polish. Adding balls (or BBs) helps mix the color. I think there is an ebay seller with them, I can find out the name if anyone needs it.

5. Enjoy your new polish!

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theVEROblog said...

great tutorial! i'm fairly new to the nail polish scene and this was a wonderful article =]