Perfectly Polished Tips 33 - My Pedicure Routine

I've been meaning to make this post since I started writing this blog but just never got around to it. I used to do this whole routine every couple of weeks but because of the move and being all over the place I haven't done it since June or so.

1. I run warm water in the tub, and add some bath salts. While the bath runs I take off my old polish.
2. I soak for around 10 minutes, I then use Sally Hansen Pumice Scrub all over my feet, followed by a quick go over with a pumice stone. Some people use Ped Eggs, I haven't tried it so I don't know how well it works.
3. After scrubbing I apply Orly Cutique and push back my cuticles. Make sure to rinse off the Cutique.
4. Then I dry off my feet and clip and/or file my nails.
5. Now I apply 1 coat of base coat, 2 coats of color, and top it off with Oh So Wet.
6. I wait until I'm completely dry and I apply lotion, usually Eucerine Calming Cream.

If I want to just change colors I remove the old polish well & then do steps 4-6. I hope this helps someone out!

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