Perfectly Polished Tips 29 - NOTD Chelsea Tropic of Cancer

I found something to share on my other Photobucket account! This was a Nail of the Day of mine a few months ago. Chelsea Tropic of Cancer was a huge lemming from when I first joined the Nail Board over at Make Up Alley. I was lucky enough to have it sent to me. This is a beautiful, shimmery purple with slight green duo chrome. I have two Chelsea polishes and they apply very well and evenly. Unfortunately I don't get good wear out of them. I'm not sure if it was my base coat/top coat combo or just the polish. I remember getting chips with in 2 days though. Sorry that the first picture is a bit blurry but I really wanted to capture the green flash that it has. I haven't ever come across a polish as unique as this one and I am so glad that it is apart of my "stash". I'm not sure where Chelsea polishes are available, ladies on the Nail Board have reported finding them at beauty supply stores and some salons. Ebay is probably an option as well.

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