Perfectly Polished Tips 202 - NOTD Zoya Tru + Clarins 230

In my Zoya True post I wrote about how Tru reminded me a bit of Clarins 230 and how I thought the two polishes would look great layered. Instead of tossing the idea around and never doing it, I made the combo happen. This is the first manicure I have done since Christmas Eve! I usually don't go that long with out polished nails but I haven't had time to sit and polish. Thank god for Sesame Street! It kept my sweet little girl occupied for a few. Although when she finally did come in to see what I was doing she asked for a pedi. She's sporting Tru on her baby toes.

Clarins 230 was highly sought after, not sure if it still is. The company stopped making it some years ago and then apparently the pigments used in the formula became very hard to come by. I know many people have emailed Clarins asking them to release the polish again but so far nothing. I do think though that other companies are listening and have released some polishes that may fill the void. I was lucky enough to get 230 from a friend a couple of years ago. I didn't have to eat ramen for weeks to afford it either, which is always a plus.

This is only the second or maybe third time I've used 230. I don't know why I do this but if I know something is discontinued or reformulated I ration it and use it very sparingly. Really this makes no sense. After acquiring 3 bottles of another long gone favorite I realized I was probably insane or going to drive myself insane and I gifted 1 away. (Oddly enough, I haven't worn that polish in a long time either) We can't win them all.

On to the photos - One coat of Tru topped with one coat of 230:

Here is Tru on her own

topped with 230

Gold Shimmer

Red/Pink Shimmer

Here is the green shimmer. It took me forever to get the right lighting for the green/blue shimmer to show through!

My nails are super nubs right now, they were long but I lost a chunk of my thumb when I was buckling my kid into his car seat. Instead of being responsible and grabbing the glass file I keep in my purse I bit it off. Then because it was so much shorter than the rest I bit those off too. By the time I pulled out my file it was too late. I had to file most of them to the quick. 

I also have a bit of shrinkage, I used a different top coat because Poshe was MIA. I used NYC Grand Central Station. Worked just as well as Poshe but didn't play nice. 

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