Perfectly Polished Tips 201 - Sultra Cleanse & Condition Hair Moisturizer

As I have mentioned on here before my hair is thick, curly/wavy, and color treated. I am terrible at remembering to deep condition, I'm lucky if I remember once every six weeks. I don't flat iron my hair nearly as often as I used to but when I do it often looks fried. I do use a heat protecting spray but I really think I need to cut a lot off and start from scratch. I'm not willing to do that...yet.

Recently I tested out Sultra's Cleanse shampoo and Condition Hair Moisturizer. Both are formulated with Sultra's exclusive ThermaStress Complex which is meant to mend and defend your hair while you heat style.

I love the Cleanse shampoo, it is creamy but not overly so, my hair and scalp are left feeling clean. It lathers well and reminds me shampoo used at a salon. Which also reminds me that I love having my hair washed by other people. :)

The conditioner was nice the first time around, my hair usually takes a few minutes of combing through to get completely untangled. This got the tangles out quickly and easily. Upon reading the ingredients though I noticed that it is full of silicone's, which are probably doing most of the protecting. I needed to use a clarifying shampoo in between uses, which is really no big deal.

I love the smell of both, it's island-y, maybe some coconut. Not over powering though, it didn't really linger on my hair but did on my daughter. I was sniffing her all day. I am a big fan of the packing style as well. I love black and hot pink together, that caught my eye immediately and even if I had no use for heat protective products I would still be drawn to them. I also liked that they are both in tubes. I hate getting to the bottom of a bottle of product and having to balance it up side down, I inevitably knock them down every single time I'm in the shower.

Sultra is known for their styling tools, they offer a great variety and their hair care line is designed to work with the tools. I don't own a Sultra flat iron though so I used a 1 inch Remington iron. I noticed that my hair was a lot easier to work with, I didn't need to comb through many pieces when sectioning. My hair was super smooth and soft. It didn't look fried, even on the ends which are in desperate need of a trim. I had static overload that day though so I didn't wear my hair down for very often. I couldn't take it sticking to everything.

The only down side for me was that because the conditioner is so heavy my hair looked greasy pretty quick. Normally I can leave my hair for 3 or 4 days before it starts looking gross. I had to shampoo and start over the next day, which is not a huge deal.

I also used the products when leaving my hair curly. We haven't had many cold days here as of late but a few mornings were chilly and going outside with wet hair is no fun. My curls fell flat mid day but I had tons less frizz than I would if I had just blow dried using my regular conditioner. It's nice that I can use both weather I am wearing my hair curly or straight.

Cleanse Shampoo and Condition Hair Moisturizer are available from Sultra.com, Nordstrom.com, and Brookstone.com and retail for $18 each. As of this morning Cleanse is not on their website, I'm not sure why. I am almost positive it was on there a couple weeks ago. You can find Sultra hot tools at Sephora as well as Sultra.com

(these were sent to me for review)

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