Perfectly Polished Tips 187 - Nail of the Day Monday

The next couple of NOTD Monday's are kind of a cheat. They are past manicures that I have not yet shared on the blog. I am in the middle of a move and am unable to do a new mani in time for Monday. It's currently 11:57PM on Sunday and my nails have the chipped remains of last week's Visions of Sugar Plums! Lucky for me I had a few glittery polish photos stashed away.

Lippmann Superstar was the polish I was hoping to kick off the glittery month of December with. It is a beautiful coppery/brown chunky glitter polish. As I have said before I am not big on glitter, I think it's the tough removal. I've only worn this color on my tips twice. Both times were 2 coats over a brown creme. It's a gorgeous polish and I'm glad I own it!

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