Perfectly Polished Tips 169 - American Apparel Army Jacket

American Apparel Army Green was one of my first AA polishes. I had heard nothing but good things about the polish so I ordered a few. Army Jacket is a muted celery green creme. I don't usually do green but I've been stepping away from my comfort zone as of late so I decided to give this polish a try. Unfortunately it was still the middle of winter when I photographed Army Jacket so it looks more split pea than celery. It's slightly lighter in real life. I am not a fan of this color on me, it gave me lobster hands. I can do minty greens, shades of deal, even hunter greens, but I can get into these types of greens. I tried though!

I am not a fan of the cap size of these polishes, they are short but the brush is super long. I loved everything about the brush but the small cap made it slightly tricky for me to maneuver. The formula on this one and a couple of others was great. They are very pigmented and apply well. I've had a couple issues with pastel shades being really thick. My bottle of Army Jacket was good to go though.

Army Jacket and others can be purchased at American Apparel either online or in store for $6 a bottle. Hurry though because it seems as if the company's future is uncertain!

*I worked really hard on getting my cuticles in tip top shape to review more polishes and then I went and bit off all my nails. I'm nursing them back to health and will have more polish up soon!*

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