Perfectly Polished Tips 168 - Sally Hansen Gray by Gray

This Sally Hansen Gray by Gray from the Complete Salon Manicure line. This Sally Hansen line is new to me. I will admit that I am kind of a polish snob. I don't usually buy drug store brands. The prices for drug store polishes as rising and I feel like why should I pay $7 for that when I can get a salon brand that I love for only a couple dollars more.

I set out to find this polish because I had heard it was a near dupe to MAC's Blue India which I missed out on. I failed on my search and was lucky enough to have a dear friend pick up a bottle for me. It didn't quite cure my lemming for Blue India but it is a gorgeous creme which I always appreciate.

In the bottle it looks slightly more blue than my photo shows, but on me it pulled more gray. The brush for this polish made me nervous at first, the ends are a bit tapered and I was worried that it would be a pain to work with. I was wrong though, it made application a breeze, I have small, thin nail beds and brush kept my cuticles nice and clean. The formula was great, this polish has one coater potential but my skills are a bit rusty. I did two on the above manicure to make sure everything was nice and neat.

I am not sure of the exact price on these, I want to say I saw them for $6.50 at my local Walmart. I didn't see any other colors unique enough to buy but if the line comes out with more colors in the future I will definitely be checking them out.

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Unknown said...

Very pretty color. My friend has it too