Perfectly Polished Tips 153 - Nubar Coral Collection

Nubar's Coral collection was my first time trying a Nubar polish. I have always heard good things about them and was happy to have gotten the chance to try them out. The Coral collection is inspired by different types of sea coral. There are 7 various shades as well as 1 purple polish. I was really impressed with how well they applied and how well they wore. They applied smoothly and were all opaque in two coats. My swatches are shown without a base or top coat.

Cozumel Coral - a warm soft bisque pearl
Caribbean Coral - a cool pinky purple
Amazon Coral - a warm bright pinky orange
Palau Coral - a warm true orange

Belize Coral - a warm salmon orange
Costa Rica Coral - a warm bright tangerine
Red Sea Coral - a cool bright pinky red
Caymen Coral - a warm bright red-orange

You can find the Coral Collection on Nubar's website.


Paige said...

These are great swatches!

Anonymous said...

I love your nail and your swatches, this was such a summery collection!