Perfectly Polished Tips 137 - China Glaze Summer Days

I know most of the stuff I am going to post in the coming days/weeks is going to be so 6 months ago, and I apologize. I haven't been the best blogger but I am going to try to make up for it. So even if you have viewed the collections a bunch on the other blogs I hope you enjoy the photos anyways. Also I got a new camera, the following photos were taken on my old one and the reds and pinks always came out slightly off. My new camera seems to take much better photos so I'm really excited about that.

First up I have China Glaze's Summer Days collection. When I saw the promo photos for this collection I was immediately in love. They all have that amazing glass flecked glitter look. I like each polish in this collection which isn't something that happens often. I even love Orange Marmalade and I don't usually do orange.

Orange Marmalade

Cherry Pie - it's not as orange in real life, it makes an awesome pedicure color when layered on top of a red creme.

Raspberry Festival - not as red in real life.

Strawberry Fields - has gorgeous gold shimmer.

Grape Juice

Watermelon Rind

These may still be available in some Sally Beauty locations and I believe they are still available online. They are perfect for summer (or anytime really!).

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