Perfectly Polished Tips 134 - More Spring BB Couture for Nails

Finally I have for you the other two spring BB Couture shades; Sea of Cortez and Frosty Meadow. Both are lovely jelly finishes that are sprinkled with multi colored glitter. I had a bit of trouble applying them because I don't often wear jelly shades. I tried three thin coats to help the opacity but just ended up with an uneven paint job that looked globbed on in some spots. You will be able to see that in the photos. I thought about it and decided the best plan of action was to either use ridge filler, Zoya's Get Even is great as well as Essie's, or to use white polish underneath. Something like Milani Soft White or Essie Below the Belt. Unless of course a visible polish line doesn't bother you, then two coats and you should be good to go. BB Couture makes very unique colors and the brush and formula are great. If I remember correctly these polishes also have a built in base and top coat. I like to use them with BB's quick drying raspberry scented topcoat though.

This polish is a beautiful shade of blue and so perfect for spring. You can see what I meant about thickness if you look at my pointer finger.

This green shade probably made a lot of green and glitter lovers very happy. This isn't something I'd normally wear on my finger tips but I think I am going to love it for pedicures.

In addition to these two colors and Midnight Desire I believe there are a few other colors out for spring as well, including an olive green. You can find them on OverallBeauty.com.


Jess said...

I love your nails. Have they lways been that nice? If not do tell how you got them like that.
cheers :)

Anonymous said...

You have been nominated by The Edge of Sanity that YOUR BLOG IS FABULOUS!! To accept the nomination, follow the rules in the linked post, and have fun!

Lucy said...

I have both these colors and wore Poison Ivy for St Patrick's Day. I do love those glitters. I wore Frosty Meadows the week before. I am loving the greens lately.

Denise said...

I recently bought Sea of Cortez and Dragon's Breath. These colors are very stubborn to work with. I will try nail thinner to control the goopiness. Hope that works b/c these are really pretty colors.

Tuli said...

How nice that I've found your blog :-) and what a beautiful shades of blue and green !