Perfectly Polished Tips 129 - Zoya Twist

The Twist collection is made up of 6 bright and cherry colors for spring. When I saw that this collection included a blue and a gray I was overly excited. I have been on the hunt for a cheap and easy to get gray polish, although Harley isn't a creme it still (temporarily) satisfies my craving. I did try to franken a gray creme but the formulas must not of liked one another because I got tons of bubbles each time I used it. Anyways back to Twist, I think I can honestly say I love each color in this set, which doesn't happen often. They all applied like a dream and 2 coats of polish was plenty, except for Cassie, I used three coats because it was a little sheer. I think this collection includes a color that will work with every skin tone.

Harley is a pale grey shimmer. This photo was taken in the sun, the rest were taken in artifical light.

Malia is a light purple creme, I love this polish...it fits in with my purple kick perfectly.

Cassie is more pink in real life, with goregous gold shimmer.

Barbie is a bit pinker and less peach in real life, it also has the beautiful shimmer that I love Zoya for.

Moxie is a raspberry creme and kind of the odd one out, my first thought was why didn't they do a mint green but after trying it out this is a perfect juicy berry shade.

Last but not least Jo. A wonderful powder blue with silver shimmer.

The Twist collection is up for sale now on Zoya.com. Zoya is also doing a polish exchange, I am not 100% sure when it ends, but I believe it is still going on right now. You can send them unloved polishes, empties, even minis and they will send you full size Zoya polishes. You have to pay shipping and I believe it is $3 per polish. You can go here for more details.


The Asian Girl said...

it ends Feb. 28...I just sent my package on Friday; the Twist collection will be mine *insert evil laugh here*

Brooke said...

luckily I sent mine in early. I already got mine back. I'm loving every color

Marte said...

lovely colours:) especially the purple one!

Lydia said...

Ooo Malia is so pretty!