Perfectly Polished Tips 122 - Carolyn New York Colors Holiday 08

I am a huge fan of Carolyn New York polishes. I got my first ones about a year ago and instantly fell in love. Since then they've branched out with colors and I think have a great line of polishes. They have rubberized caps which I am always a fan of, the brush is small enough for me to comfortably use and not make a mess with, and the formula is great. It's not too thick, or thin, even the lightest colors are not streaky. They wear amazingly too, I got 5 days each out of the last two polishes that I used. The only thing I wasn't in love with when I ordered was the customer service, however since they were just starting out I suppose it was to be expected. Now everything is great and I really recommend this brand overall.

Here is the Holiday 2008 collection:

Holiday Shopping - is pretty orange, maybe not as bright as the photo but I wouldn't call it rosey as the website does. It has gorgeous gold mircoshimmer.

House Party - red with gold glitter, this is my favorite one. It's festive and fun.

New York New Year - purple with subtle yet pretty purple and gold shimmer. This is a must for purple lovers.

Tinsel Town - yellow gold with silver sparkles which give it a foil finish. There are still a few brush strokes but the glitter makes up for it. I go through these phases where I love gold and collect a million, than I realize that gold doesn't look good on me and I pass them along. Well I'm back on that gold kick and I hope I keep them all this time.

Carolyn New York Colors are currently on sale for $5.99 each or you can buy the Holiday Collection as a set for $29.45. Carolyn is also offering free shipping until the end of the year, no code needed.


Sasha said...

House Party is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

ooh that purple one looks gorgeous!! Where can I purchase this brand?

Dami said...

the website is www.carolynnewyorkcolors.com. I don't know if they have any retail locations besides the ones in NY state, the site should have a place to search though.