Perfectly Polished Tips 104 - OPI My Private Jet

I take back every mean thing that I said about OPI My Private Jet. Today was MPJ day over at the MUA nail board and I wanted to participate so I decided I would give this polish another chance. This polish has been quite lucky because I think this is the 4th or so time I've given it another go in hopes of loving it. Usually I don't do that. I layered My Private Jet over SpaRitual Solitude and was instantly in love. I guess I have just been layering it over the wrong colors. I tried a basic black, grey, and most recently white. None of them looked good to me, and honestly I would have never thought to try purple. I can only imagine what it would look like over blue, or red, or even hot pink.

1 coat of My Private Jet over 3 coats of SpaRitual Solitude

I'm really glad that I gave this polish another go. As I posted before there are two versions, this is the holographic version. The other is sparkley but not holographic. I think the Polish Addict posted pictures a few weeks ago if you are curious.

After counting my untrieds I decided that for the rest of this month each manicure and pedicure I do will be out of that list. I'll try to make it ones I haven't photographed.


Anonymous said...

i love that polish, where can i buy it?

Dami said...

Nice to see you here lady <3
transdesign.com, ebay, Ulta, or Trade Secret.