Perfectly Polished Tips 101 - Metro Chic & You Don't Know Jacques

Sephora by OPI Metro Chic and OPI You Don't Know Jacques are two popular colors that were released this fall. I did separate posts on both of these polishes but I never compared the two. The question of are they too similar to own both comes up often. In my opinion no they are not similar at all. Metro Chic goes very purple on me while Jacques pulls a lot of brown. Jacques is also darker than Metro Chic. Of course this is going to vary from skin tone to skin tone.

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The lighting today made MC look very grey, usually I get more of a purple look from it.

In real life and in natural lighting Jacques doesn't look this brown. I like it either way though.

Here are the colors side by side. You can see that the tones have changed again, which makes me think it's a pretty versatile polish.

I love both very much and I love that they are cremes even more. I switched to posting large size photos, does it make much of a difference? You can always click on the photo for a bigger one but I think that might also have to do with my photo bucket settings. Let me know what you think.


Dee said...

Thanks for the comparison. It is good to see them side by side. I have been hemming and hawing over YDKJ for a couple of months now. It seems to look different on everyone, and I can't decide if I should buy it or not. It looks good on you, a brownish-taupe.

Dami said...

yea, I actually ordered YDKJ completely blind. I thought I was going to hate it but grabbed it anyways. and I love it. I'm a sucker for cremes though, they are my favorite.

yummy411 said...

thanks so much for the comparison shots!!! ydkj is a great shiny creme! i usually have to reapply top coats, but this didn't require anymore attention.