Perfectly Polished Tips 100 - A Couple of Interesting Articles

Darren Garnick, writer of Darren Garnick's Media Lab wrote a couple of cute articles relating to nails. I wanted to share them.

I kept politics off of here because some people get pretty rowdy HAHA, but I thought this article was entertaining. The article features some of Stephanie's work, she's from The Polish Addict. It's no secret that I am a huge fan of Steph's blog and she has some pretty amazing nails. It also has pictures from two other ladies, one who I know posts on MUA but I'm not sure about the other.

Here is another one about fish pedicures. I am really interested and would so get it done. I know there is a lot of controversy about weather it is animal cruelty or not but honestly I don't think it is. I feel like the internet really impacts a person's opinion, especially on message board and community type sites. For whatever reason people feel the need to fit in. It's the internet and it's not that serious!
"Are fish pedicures cruel to the fish?"

So if you have a free second check out these articles and let me know what you think. Does nail art have that big of influence. Who would get the fish pedi?

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