Perfectly Polished Tips 80 - China Glaze OMG

China Glaze released the OMG collection earlier this year. It is made up of 12 colors that are filled with fine holographic sparkles. I have 5 of colors, honestly when OMG came out I wasn't loving holographic polishes but I had entered a give away on another blog and won them. At first I only used them on my toes. These are really pretty polishes but the application is a pain. I found that these work best with out a base coat and only 1 coat of polish if you can manage that. I didn't find them to be streaky, and they dry very quickly. They chipped with in a day though on me. Anyways here they are.2Nite is a medium blue color and is my favorite from the collection.

BFF is pink and slightly darker in real life.

DV8 is teal goodness and a favorite for pedicures.

IDK is light purple and very sheer with 1 coat.

LOL is a dark purple and my second favorite.

I think these are still available at the etailers, I have links to their sites on my side bar. There are 7 other colors including a silver and light green.


Anonymous said...

Even though there are application issues, I always found the colors look richer and deeper with a second or third coat.

That said, they are opaque with one coat.

Beautiful application!

Dami said...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

hmmm...I had over looked LOL but I am thinking now I might need it. I don't have any purple holo colors. The horror!

Dami said...

LOL is my favorite - but really i'm not a huge holo lover. I think I go through phases LOL.