Perfectly Polished Tips 50 - China Glaze Martini Pedicure Collection

In honor of my 50th post I wanted to share something glittery and fun. Unfortunately this collection is hard to find although you might find it in a beauty supply or maybe even Ebay. This collection is made up of bright, fun colors that are fill with glass flecked glitter. My swatches are two coats on my bare nail. I think I am going to end up layering these just because I prefer a more opaque look. I apologize for the quality of most of my pictures. I need a camera upgrade badly. On to the pictures!

Straight Up:

Martini Pedicure (more teal/green IRL):

Martini Lunch (more pink IRL):

Sass in A Glass (probably my favorite of the bunch):

Shaken Not Stirred (not as pink IRL):

Tarnished & Varnished (I don't usually like orange but I think this one will make an awesome pedi):

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1 comment:

beachgal said...

These are such classics - I wish CG would bring some of the really unique collections back or back with a new twist on them.