Perfectly Polished Tips 42 - White Creme Comparisons

I don't wear white nor do I do french manicures yet some how I have three white creme polishes in my stash. I do find that they are good to put under sheer colors or jellies, or even some neons. I compared these three polishes to see which was best for a stark white manicure.

OPI Alpine Snow, Essie Below the Belt, CQ French White

Here are the polishes after 1 coat, these do not have a base coat underneath. The CQ is most sheer/streaky, followed by the OPI. To my complete surprise the Essie was the most opaque and least streaky.

Here are the polishes after 2 coats. The picture is slightly blurry but again the Essie looks the best to me.

Here are the polishes after three coats. I was not at all impressed with the CQ, which is probably why I've been using it for frankens. The OPI is managable, I'm sure with a ridgefilling base coat and more patients it would look great. The Essie won this for me, it was not at all streaky and had great coverage in three coats.

It is Dare Week on the MUA Nail Board, my dare was any white. A stark white mani was suggested so here it is:

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