Perfectly Polished Tips 24 - Color Club Glitter Vixen

Color Club released this fun collection of seven glitters for all. These were a little bit of a pain to apply. One coat is too sparse and three coats is very thick and even a little goopy. I also swatched them over Lippmann's Fade to Black, and I prefer them over black to them on their own. However I am not as big of a glitter lover as some people are. In my pictures I used no top coat or base coat. I have read in other reviews that it took several coats of top coat to make the glitter smooth. I have Magic Attraction on my toes and it was good to go after one coat of Oh So Wet. I guess it depends on how you like your glitter. Anyways on to the pictures...1 coat of glitter over 1 coat of black and on their own they are 3 coats each.

Sex Symbol is pure silver bling. As I said before I like it layered better.

Tru Passion is a lovely light purple and my personal favorite of the bunch. Object of Envy is green and I know a lot of people have been waiting for it. It reminds me of Christmas time.

Sultry Diva is the gold shade of the bunch, it's not too yellow which I usually find to be a problem, however I still don't think it looks great on me. Magic Attraction is my 2nd favorite. I love the rainbow glitter in it.
Sexy Siren is a beautiful light blue and possibly another favorite. Last but not least is Art of Seduction, another red glitter. I'm not sure how it compares to China Glaze's Ruby Pumps because I don't have it but it looks very similar to Color Club Ruby Slippers, I will compare them another day.

Glitter Vixen can be found at 8ty8beauty.com. I also want to mention that I am not affiliated with and of the etailers that I mention here. I'm just a very happy customer! I hope every one is enjoying the holiday weekend!

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