Perfectly Polished Tips 02 - OPI Glass Nail File

This is my favorite nail tool. I guess which type of nail file you use is personal preference. I am a recovering fake nail-aholic and had horribly thin and peeling nails. This file helped stop the peelies and didn't add to the breakage. It is double sided which I love, some such as the Swissco brand which can be found at Sally Beauty are not double sided. This file is pretty sturdy, except I discovered that it could not stand up to my husband's toe nails. I don't know if it was actually his toe nails (I sure hope not) or the amount of pressure he was placing on the file but it broke into two pieces. Since then I have gotten a new one and it's lasted about a year now. I definitely recommend this file to everyone. At $14 it is slightly expensive but it's worth it.

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