Perfectly Polished Tips 216 - RBL Teal & OPI Ski Teal We Drop Comparison

l-r RBL Teal & OPI Ski Teal We Drop

In case you haven't noticed teal is pretty much my favorite color polish to wear. The creme-ier the better :) I purchased Rescue Beauty Lounge's Teal first and it was love at first stroke. RBL's formula is amazing, pretty much all of the ones I have are one coaters. To me there is nothing better and easier than a polish that is good to go with one coat. Being that I love the color so much I had to purchase OPI Ski Teal We Drop. I had read online that it was pretty much a dupe to RBL Teal but I didn't care.

pointer & ring = OPI, middle & pinkie = RBL

This photo is one coat of polish, you can see a difference not only in the color but the coverage.

pointer & ring = OPI, middle & pinkie = RBL

Two coats and the RBL is slightly darker. The OPI has awesome coverage with two coats of color.

pointer & ring = OPI, middle & pinkie = RBL

Three coats and you can't really tell the difference. I don't really purchase OPI much anymore to be honest. I absolutely hate the pro wide brush. I have small nail beds and most times I make a huge mess when using OPI. I will purchase if there is a color I feel I absolutely must have but if I can find in in another brand with a normal brush I go for that one.

I like the formula on both of these polishes, however if I had to chose one I'd pick the RBL. 

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