Perfectly Polished Tips 198 - Zoya True for Spring 2012

Zoya True is a collection of six soft but beautiful colors. A perfect color palette for spring! I will admit that I am a bit thrown off as to why they chose to put two neutral colors in this collection, especially since they released the Feel Collection recently. Feel was made up of six neutral shades. I do think that the other colors they chose really made up for that though! In addition to the six True colors Zoya also released three Fleck Effect holographic nail glazes. I will have a separate post up for those but I did include them swatched over the three creme shades. I didn't put them over Tru, Skylar, or Lotus because I thought they were pretty enough on their own.

I found the formula on the cremes kind of on the thick side which isn't Zoya norm, at least not in my opinion. I had to do three thin coats for even coverage. The other three applied wonderfully though with two coats. For the pics with the Fleck Effect top coats it is three coats of polish + one coat of the Fleck Effect.

indirect light

with the Fleck Effect top coat

direct sun light

 Bevin is a muted sage green and probably my favorite out of the six. It's a nice change to the mint green that was all the rage last spring. I prefer muted colors on myself. To my surprise I loved it with Maisie, I'm really not into the flake-y topcoat that so many love. I think it would make a fun pedicure.

indirect light

with the Fleck Effects

direct sunlight

Cho is a yellow toned beige with a slight hint of silver shimmer. Zoya recommends this polish for olive toned gals. I am far from olive toned so needless to say I didn't love this one on me. I have been on the hunt for a "your nails but better" shade and have not found anything that I love. Any suggestions for me?

indirect light

with the Fleck Effects

direct sunlight
Up next is Farah, a khaki beige with green undertones. Farah is also too warm for my skin tone I think, still a nice neutral. To be honest I didn't love the Fleck Effects over Cho and Farah they seem out of place to me but maybe I'm just boring :)

I was not able to get indirect light & sunlight photos of Tru, Lotus, and Skylar. It started to get cloudy and since it had taken so long for a sunny afternoon to come about I just wanted to get the swatches done. When I got to Skylar I thought that the sun was done for the day but of course as soon as I removed it the sun came back out. That is always how it goes, right?

 Lotus is a very pretty blue toned purple. My photo does not do it justice, it has amazing shimmer that shows gold, pink, and red depending on the light.

Skylar is a light cornflower blue with silver sparkles. It's a fun color and now that I am really looking at the photo it probably could have used another coat.

Tru is my second favorite. This one is the darker, grape-ier version of Lotus. It has the shame gold, red, and pink shimmer. I like Tru more because the base color really makes the shimmer pop. It reminds me slightly of the coveted Clarins 230 and would probably look awesome layered. I may have to make that happen!

Overall this is a nice collection. Like I said in the beginning I'm not thrilled that Zoya chose two neutral shades. I would have liked to see a blue creme, or maybe even a pastel orange. I think for most though the release of the Fleck Effect top coats probably made up for Cho and Farah. I will say though that I am happy to see that the nail companies are listing to what their fans like and what they would like to see in their line up.

Zoya True & Fleck Effect collections are available now at Zoya.com. They retail for $8 per bottle or there is the option to buy all six for $48.

Be sure to follow Zoya on facebook & twitter. They offer great promos every now and again.

(these were sent to me for review)

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