Perfectly Polished Tips 159 - Color Club Wild at Heart

Finally a collection that wasn't 3 seasons ago! Color Club gave me the chance to try out their Fall 2009 collection; Wild at Heart. This collection has an amazing line up for fall. All of the colors are perfect for the season and the variety of finishes is pretty great too.

Wild & Willing - a gorgeous foily duochrome. I could not capture the color good enough. Kind of pink, kind of gold. Very unique though.

On the Wild Side - a blue grey shade. It's on the metallic side which for me means brush strokes all over. The color is nice but I'm not crazy about the finish.

With Abandon - brown and gold glitter in a black base, one of my favorites from the collection.

Rule Breaker - a beautiful shimmery teal. I love the color of this polish but I wish it were a creme. There aren't enough easy to get teal cremes out there.

Wild at Heart - purple holo! CC's holos apply like butter, i love them.

Love Em Leave Em - pale gold holo, it's a pretty color but not on me.

Thoughts on the new water mark? Distracting? Covers up too much? A few months ago a photo on mine was used on Ebay with out my permission. I know watermarks won't really stop the thieves but I guess it's worth a shot.