Perfectly Polished Tips 157 - Color Club Catwalk Queen

Many moons ago Color Club gave me the chance to sample their Catwalk Queen collection. Catwalk Queen is from Spring 2009 and is made up of mostly pale, dainty shades. The collection did have one gorgeous purple, which was the stand out shade for me as well as a holographic purple. Holos are hit and miss with me but Color Club makes awesome holo polishes. Color Club has a great brush and formula, I wasn't feeling this collection because I don't wear pale or sheer polishes very often. A couple of these would be great for layering though. Layering is another thing I don't do often, I should though.

Front Row Diva

Runway Muse

Ready to Wear

Catwalk Queen

Vintage Couture

Fashion Addict

I am not 100% sure if these are still available from the e-tailers, they should be though as the collections were not limited edition.

Oh what I would give to have those nails back. Cold weather is rough on my nails, it probably doesn't help that I'm not on top of moisturizing. Good thing I have photos stock piled LOL. I am afraid to post anything with my nails/cuticles in their current state.