Perfectly Polished Tips 131 - BB Couture Spring Preview

I'm calling this a preview because I have not swatched two of the colors yet. I am getting there! BB Couture for Nails has come out with three unique shades for spring. Two glitter polishes, including a green and a deep vampy purple.

Sea of Cortez is a bright blue base infused with rainbow glitter.

Frosty Meadow has a base very similar to Color Club Wild Child and is also infused with rainbow glitter.

Midnight Desire is a blackened purple with shimmer. This color also fits my purple kick, and even though it's blackened it is still visibly purple in all lights. Please excuse the chip on my pointer finger, I began typing too soon and my nails weren't completely dry.

You can find these beauties on OverallBeauty.com. I will have swatches of Sea of Cortez and Frosty Meadow up in the next couple of days.


Anonymous said...

Frosty Meadow looks incredible!!!!

Anonymous said...

What's the purple you're wearing in the first two pics?

Dami said...

Sephora by OPI On Stage

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The purple is lovely! Can't wait to see the blue swatched.