Perfectly Polished Tips 97 - Swatches of China Glaze Spring & Summer 09

Here are swatches of Romantique and Summer Days. They are 2 coats of color, and apparently the chromes apply smoothly which is always nice to hear.

Indoor Lighting.


1. Passion
2. Magical
3. Poetic
4. Delight
5. Emotion
6. Joy
7. Awaken
8. Adore
9. Cherish
10. Harmony
11. Desire
12. Devotion
13. Orange Marmalade
14. Cherry Pie
15. Raspberry Festival
16. Strawberry Fields
17. Grape Juice
18. Watermelon Rind

Again thanks to Carey for allowing me to post her photos!


Unknown said...

Can't wait! :D

Alex said...

I'm still not wow-ed by spring, but I can't wait for summer. I especially want Raspberry Festival.

redrunner said...

so...pretty...must...have...all..of them...

Anonymous said...

I like the dark chromey one. Reminds a lot of OPI H'Andover the amethyst.

Rachel said...

I am so excited about all of these colors!!!

Anonymous said...

These colors are delish. Can't wait for them.