Perfectly Polished Tips 95 - China Glaze Romantique Sneak Peek

The lovely Carey over at Make Up Alley scored these beauties today. Carey was kind enough to let me borrow her photos. Click the photos for larger pictures.

(l-r) Passion, Magical, Poetic, Delight, Emotion, Joy

(l-r) Awaken, Adore, Cherish, Harmony, Admire, Devotion

The first set is the warm palette and the second set is the cool palette. These are for Spring 2009 and will probably be released around January or February.


Lina-Elvira said...

OMG I am sooo excited about these :) Cherish looks to be maybe my mani of all next summer :) Thanks for posting these!

Dami said...

i was iffy about the pinks/golds but i think i need them all. you are very welcome!