Perfectly Polished Tips 93 - Orly Gems Collection

I'm a little late to the party with these I suppose. For fall 2008 Orly drew inspiration from precious gemstones found around the world. The Gems collection contains 6 rich colors and each comes with a corresponding cocktail ring. I have three of the polishes here, sans rings because I had to hide them from my 2 year old son. Ever since Orly went big three free I've had a horrible time applying their polishes. I was hoping it was going to be different because I haven't purchases an Orly since May or so, but nope. I had a terrible time with Golden Jubilee, I had to remove it twice before I was able to get it on nicely. I had Star of Bombay (but gifted it to my sister because it was too similar to other polishes that I owned) and it didn't have too much of a drying issue. So maybe it's more hit or miss.

Mandalay Ruby is a bright ruby red. To me red is classy and is never out. I don't wear red nails as much as I used to but this polish might have rekindled my love for red cremes. This one applied fine, this is three coats. It's more on the jelly side in my opinion so while it was fine at two I preferred three.

Golden Jubilee is an amazing glowing golden amber. It's so much prettier in real life and I wish it didn't clash so much with my skin tone. I was amazed when I put it on and fell in love instantly, however it looks like i swirled my hands around in a bowl of mac & cheese.

Golden Maharaja is a glimmering dark brown topaz shade. I'm in love with color as well but I don't think it loves me. This one has similar application problems as Golden Jubilee, it was a bit thick but nothing too horrible.

This collection also contains Star of Bombay (shimmering sapphire blue), Midnight Star (shimmering deep amethyst), and Sea of Light (creamy pink topaz).

Orly can be found at OrlyBeauty.com, Sally Beauty stores, and the etailers that I have listed on my side bar.


Anonymous said...

Golden Maharaja looks amazing on you! I never really like browns but you pull it off well!

Dami said...

hailey - thank you! i've been loving the brown cremes and i even liked Zoya Kalista, but i wasn't sure how i felt about this one. i might give her a try though.