Perfectly Polished Tips 54 - NARS Zulu

I'm sure you all remember the image above from the 2007 Holiday Sephora catalog. Everyone went crazy asking what nail polish the model was wearing. She is wearing Zulu, a forest green jelly from NARS. From what I understand Zulu was discontinued and the re-released for a limited time only. The polish was a Sephora exclusive as well. Shortly after it was released maddness ensued. Everyone wanted a bottle of Zulu. Scaplers on the bay of evil got wind of this hot product and jacked up the price. It's gone for close to $80, that could be for a partially used bottle too.

Quite a few people have email bombed NARS asking them to please consider releasing Zulu yet again. Stephanie over at The Polish Addict has created a petition that will go to the company in hopes of them changing their mind. If you have a free second please sign the petition by clicking here. You can even email NARS if you'd like.

Stephanie also created some buttons for people to add to their blogs, website, or whatever else they may have. You can check out the rest of them over on her blog. So let's help support Steph and her quest to bring back Zulu!

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