Perfectly Polished Tips 38 - China Glaze Bahama Blues

For it's winter collection China Glaze decided to release a whole set of blues. I love China Glaze and I love blues, there is no doubt that I am going to end up with AOTblues (as the ladies on the NB would say). This gorgeous set includes:

Calypso Blue - Deep Navy Creme
Bermuda Breakaway - Deep Navy Purple Creme
Blue Paradise - Med/Deep Blue Shimmer
Blue Island Iced Tea - Light Ice Blue Glitter
Caribbean Blue - Baby Blue Glitter
Bahamian Escape - Baby Blue Creme

A navy purple creme!?!? I cannot wait. Word is that this collection should be released sometime next month.


Sminkan said...

I am waiting exitedly! I think I'll buy the whole set!

Anonymous said...

Wow I cannot wait for that set, I think I will buy all!

Dami said...

i'm probably going to end up with all of them too. i am a sucker for blues.

Lina-Elvira said...

Looks like I will be spending money AGAIN when it is released :)