Perfectly Polished Tips 19 - New OPI Designer Series

OPI has come out with 9 new Designer Series polishes for fall. I couldn't find any pictures but you can see an ad at OPI.com. The colors include:

Coronation: silvery platinum crowned with diamond dazzle
Extravagance: glittering, glamorous magenta
Reserve: a shimmer of vintage pink
Opulence: magnificent mauve drenched in diamonds
Tapestry: dazzling deep rose
Reflection: rich, glowing ruby
Classic: an elegant shimmer of golden beige
Limited: glistening, glimmering warm peach
Illuminate: a brilliant sparkle of rich, burnished gold

They look/sound like repeats of past DS polishes. I'll need to see them IRL before I decide if I love them or not.


Michelle said...

Hey :)
I saw those IRL last week, and i don't think they are repeat. But they aren't really holos like the 1st ones were... They seem more glittery w/ some holo but not as much. I bought Coronation and Extravagance which look very pretty in the bottles!
michelle :)

Dami said...

i hate that companies can't put more true to life photos on their websites. i can't wait to see your pictures of them!