Perfectly Polished Tips 13 - Neons!

Summer isn't over yet!! I know everyone is excited for the fall collections but I'm still holding on to my brights and neons. Of course the sun went in as soon as I started to swatch so, I was only able to get 1 shot of the polishes on my nails. The rest are bottle pictures. If anyone wants I can do other on the nail comparisons. Feel free to ask!

Color Club Power Play (pointer & middle) vs Butter London Bezzie Mate (ring & pinkie). Both apply wonderfully, the CC leaves a visible polish line though but lasts longer wear wise than the Butter London. There is the slightest difference in color here, most likely only a polish head would notice.

Butter London Bezzie Mate vs Color Club Power Play

Butter London Portobello Pink vs Color Club Screamin Fuchsia. The CC is a little bit brighter but again the BL wins for coverage.

Butter London Dolly Bird vs Butter London Portobello Pink. Dolly Bird reminds me of OPI Strawberry Margarita. There is such a slight difference in color, Dolly Bird is a bit darker. I couldn't really see "needing" both.

Color Club Screamin Fuchsia vs Color Club Electric Coral. EC is more orangey IRL. My camera isn't the greatest.

(L-R) Butter London Dolly Bird, Color Club Screamin Fuchsia, Color Club Electric Coral, Butter London Portobello Pink. This picture makes it look like 3 of them are the same which is why I did side by side comparisons as well.

I love neons and I love pinks. I have to say that even though the Color Clubs leave a visible polish line (VPL) that they last much longer. I've found that by the end of the 2nd day I always have chips with Butter London. For the price Color Clubs are a steal and have a much better selection of colors.

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Anonymous said...

I love Bezzie Mate. Thanks for doing the comparisons. I couldn't find any other nail polish that came close to Bezzie Mate.