Perfectly Polished Tips 11 - Nail Life Drying Drops

Nail Life Aromatherapy Drop On Drying Drops..what a mouth full. I picked these up today after learning that my beloved Qtica ones spilled during travel. I am very impressed with these drops. Before reviewing them I figured that I had to really put them to the test. I used them with a CND nail polish. Now CND is notoriously known for taking forever to dry. These Nail Life drops had my nails completely dry in under 5 minutes. I also used INM Out the Door top coat before applying the drops.

As for the aromatherapy, my drops smelled fruity. Almost like candy. I was confused because when I hear aromatherapy I think of the traditional scents like lavender. To me the smell was not strong and it was gone with in a couple of minutes. The drops also double as a moisturizer which I thought was pretty cool. However they left a residue on my nails and on my finger tips. Not like a greasy one but just the feeling of something left over.

Overall I am very happy with these drops. They can be found at Sally Beauty and retail for $6.99 or $5.99 if you have a Sally's card.

I have some neon swatches & bottle pictures. I just don't have any photo editing software at the moment so I'm not sure if I am going to put them up un-water marked or not.


Anonymous said...

I love the Color Club Dry Ice drying drops. The OPI ones are pretty good, but the cheaper CC ones work better, which is awesome. Neither one smells at all, though. I'll have to pick some of these up the next time I'm at Sally's.


Dami said...

melanie - I live in a small town so all i have here is a Sally Beauty. I love Color Club products so if I ever have the chance I'm going to get those drops. Thanks for the tip!