Pefectly Polished Tips 06 - Water Marks & China Glaze

It seems as if I deleted all the original copies of past nail of the day photos and any swatching I had done. So here is one photo with a practice water mark and a few old ones that are tagged with my makeup alley screen name. These are slightly older so please excuse the application and messy cuticles.

China Glaze In The Mood - Blue to Purple

I am placing an order for some of the fall collections tonight so next week I will have some OPI France and China Glaze Rodeo pictures up!


Anonymous said...

I noticed that on your NOTD column you said you're wearing OPI My Throne for a Cranberry Scone. This is one of my all time favorites, and I'm jealously hoarding my precious little bottle! Oh, and, Seche Restore is a godsend for thinning out Vite, and for restoring any nail polish. I highly recommend it! Great blog; keep up the good work!


Dami said...

Thanks Melanie! I was in a fall mood when I chose MTfaCS. I usually use Beauty Secrets thinner to fix my Seche Vite but I think this botttle is too far gone. Thanks for reading!